I am a creationist and an Idealist based in London. (Available to travel)

In other words I am a photographer, film maker, Creative Director and sometimes i Present(just trying to get fit *winks*). The world is more beautiful when seen through a lens .

I consider myself a historian. I capture once in a life time moment and events with my clients; who are able to look at it over and over and over again, with so much happiness cherishing that beautiful moment in a picture or video forever.

Creativity, passion and perfection is brought into every event I cater for; be it Wedding and Engagement, Portraits, Landscape, Commercial/Editorial. 


A decade ago, I could never imagine being a photographer or even owning a DSLR (digital single- lens reflex) I have always loved other people taking pictures of me and me posing in the best way. This has fuelled my aspiration to be a professional photographer and has intensified my desire for this field. Which resulted in me using more than half of my tuition fees to buy my first DSLR Camera and believe when I say, I didn't even know that cameras needed specific lenses and other accessories. But as they saying goes "practice makes perfect" and "hard work pays off". I carried on taking pictures on the automatic setting at the time with a laptop that did not work with Photoshop or even Lightroom. 


I persisted and as time went by I learnt the settings and how to edit pictures which helped me improve the quality of picture I was taking. It's been 3 years and counting since I started taking pictures professionally  at events such as engagements? weddings, birthdays , club events and fashion shows.

I have since expanded my knowledge and skills set into film directing and director of photography. I don't just take pictures I see the world through my lens. We photographers are historians, capturing every moments with our clients being able to look back at their beautiful memories


Welcome to my world